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How can you tell if your accounting software is limiting your growth and causing inefficiencies?


Here are a few signs of trouble:

  • Your software is cumbersome and not user friendly.
  • You are unable to centralize your data in one location, with
    your POS, time clock or other systems not integrated with your accounting system, leading to double work and entries.
  • Your reporting capabilities do not give you the visibility you
    need to run your business

For the finance team of the restaurant, they face many challenges.  Financial data is found in many different systems, from the POS system at the front of the house, time clock solutions for payroll, and the back office accounting system.   Timely access to all of this data is critical to making accurate business decisions.  Having the data spread across multiple systems makes this task very difficult.
If you are struggling with managing data from these multiple pieces of software learn how you can overcome these challenges with Microsoft Dynamics GPa leading global solution for the hospitality industry, and Innovative Cloud Solutions, a leading provider of Microsoft financial and accounting solutions to restaurants throughout Florida.

Our team of professionals understands the restaurant industry and the day-to-day obstacles you face, from managing cash to managing vendors.  Our experience serving the hospitality and restaurant industry has provided our clients with the following benefits:

  • Optimization of cash management – report, analyze, and allocate cash in real-time.  Streamlined bank reconciliation allows you to reconcile cash quickly and accurately.
  • Improve financial, managerial and operational reporting – leveraging Microsoft, Inc., the global leader in technology, our clients can use Internet enabled financial reporting tool that includes company consolidation.   Also workflow to quickly and effortlessly manage repeat tasks, processes, and scheduling.
  • Improve compliance and transparency – Microsoft Dynamics GP supports GAAP accounting and complies with federal, state and local reporting regulations as required within the hospitality industry, as well as improved internal controls and segregation of duties.
  • Supports complex integrations – including POS, Payroll, Human Resources, Time and Attendance, and many others.  Eliminate double entry, reduce costly errors, and maximize your technology resources by integrating your solutions.
  • The most user-friendly software you can find – Microsoft’s intuitive, role-based technology is as easy to use as all of the Microsoft Office products, which translates into a lower total cost of ownership, lower maintenance and support costs, and a quicker learning cycle for your employees.

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