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What is the upgrade path for 18.6

The upgrade to 18.6 will be supported from 18.4 RTM or subsequent versions (like 18.4.1361). If your current version is 18.4.1361 or newer, anticipate a routine upgrade process. Take note, a direct upgrade from GP 2016 to 18.6 will not be available. This stipulation remains consistent for the end of 2023 as well. The sanctioned path is from 18.4 RTM or its successors to 18.6. 

Is GP going away?

Dynamics GP isn’t going anywhere, and it certainly isn’t set to self-destruct. We continue to support our Dynamics GP customer base with the same focus and care. If you are looking to improve your system with customizations, or are looking to continue making improvements to GP we are here to support that.

How much does an upgrade cost?

On average our customers spend $4,500.00 on their upgrades. cost of your upgrade depends on third party products, integrations, and customizations. We strongly recommend scheduling time to review your Microsoft Dynamics GP build and plan accordingly. 

Do we have to replace any custom applications?

You will need to include plans to review and replace any custom applications that use VBA or Modeler code as it will no longer be supported. 

What is the cloud version of GP?

While a cloud version of GP does not exist, you still have cloud migration options. Your first option is to move your existing version of GP to a hosting service (IaaS). Another option is to migrate to a new Cloud-based ERP solution (SaaS).

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