Rising from the mythical grave 


The Dynamics GP Community Summit elevated ‘Spooky Season’ by metaphorically resurrecting Dynamics GP from its rumored grave. Ever since the introduction of the Modern lifecycle policy in 2019, the Dynamics Community has been abuzz with rumors. This policy shift was perceived as signaling the downfall of Dynamics GP, wrapping it in murmurs of an approaching end. 

 Currently, many GP users are cautioned against investing in what is feared to be a diminishing platform. However, those fortunate enough to have attended this year’s Community Summit witnessed firsthand the enthusiasm and commitment of the Microsoft team’s dedication to supporting Dynamics GP users for as long as needed. 

The Dynamics GP Community: A Supportive Network 


While Dynamics GP may not be the newest product on the market, its robust ecosystem and dedicated user base continue to thrive. Dynamics GP, a once young and modern ERP solution, is now navigating a digital era that prioritizes feature-rich, cloud-accessible products. As industry pioneers gradually transition out, their successors face challenges in maintaining allegiance to GP, especially with newer solutions emphasizing the risks of clinging to older systems.  

Currently, amid concerns of Dynamics GP becoming a diminishing platform, many users are advised to reconsider further investments. Yet, those who attended this year’s Community Summit experienced a different narrative. This year Community Summit added a new general session titled ‘Dynamics GP: Futures So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades’. The session in short, revitalized users’ faith in Dynamics GP. The event successfully amplified just how bright the future of GP is, with ISVs and partners reaffirming their commitment to the Dynamics GP community. 

 Inspiration could be felt throughout the event with ISV’s and partners alike doubling down on their intention to continue to serve the Dynamics GP community for the foreseeable future. When you think of Community Summit you imagine a place of collaboration, innovation, and community. They certainly did not disappoint. 




Leveraging the Dynamics GP Community for Business Growth 


Dynamics GP remains a stable and dependable product with a thriving ecosystem. While we cannot argue the age of the product and that flashy newer products exist, we can speak to the thousands of people who gathered to continue expanding on their knowledge and rally for the continued expansion of their beloved ERP software. We cannot ignore the ISVs that have said they will invest in creating portable solutions that can serve you now and go with you when you are ready to migrate to a new solution. 


If you are a business that wants to stay on GP and would prefer not to rush in a new product, you will be supported not only by us at Innovative Cloud Solutions but also by the community you have gotten to know for the last 30 years. We will continue to help you adapt and make business choices that will serve you now and in the future. Digital transformation is not exclusive to newer cloud products. You can continue to improve your processes in Dynamics GP and structure them in such a way that you will not lose the work you put into it when moving to a new system.  


Did you miss GP Community Summit? Discover the outlined vision for Dynamics GP’s future [here]. For personalized guidance on upgrading your Dynamics GP system or strategizing for future transitions, let’s connect and tailor a plan that aligns with your business needs.