With 2018 an outstanding year for Acumatica, which celebrated its 10th year in existence, and a swath of awards from journalists and accolades from analysts, the company has continued its momentum into 2019 with its latest award: an “Excellent” rating of 4.5 and inclusion as one of three vendors receiving an Editors’ Choice designation.

What PCMag Celebrated

Acumatica was one of three vendors to receive a 4.5 out of 5 stars or higher, with PCMag author Ted Needleman celebrating the software for its easy navigation and browser-based design to make mobile access easy. Needleman added, “With its easy-to-follow navigation, robust reporting, and unusual pricing model, accounting software Acumatica is a good choice for growing small to midsize enterprises (SMEs).”

Dashboard-Based Navigation with Easy-to-Define Roles

While PCMag offered a wide range of reasons for the high rating, the first thing mentioned was the use of dashboards, a core component of Acumatica and other highly-rated applications. With easy-to-define roles and dashboards customized for each role, users are shown the information they need to see when they log in.

“It’s easy to define roles and permissions since this is done by checking or unchecking the appropriate entries in configuration boxes. This simplifies navigation because only the areas in which a particular user is allowed are shown.”

Needleman adds that the dashboard-based design makes task assignment, KPI tracking and configuration easy, as a user can simply click the dashboard he or she is allowed into and complete a task such as approving a bill, purchasing equipment, or running depreciation. Added to this, Acumatica was celebrated for its search functionality, in which a user can simply type a task into the search box and be shown related tasks.

Customization and Freedom

As a born-in-the-cloud solution, Acumatica is known for its extensive customization abilities. While PCMag does note that it is best to work with a partner to “do the heavy lifting” for you, there are hundreds of reports available for users to search and filter.

Another key selling point is the amount of customization allowed, as your decision to purchase Acumatica gives you access to the source code, giving you or your partner more freedom to customize it for your unique needs. Added to this, the app is written in Microsoft .NET, a much more accessible and easy-to-learn platform than many ERP solutions are written on.

APIs and Integration

A major part of a postmodern ERP strategy is integration. Often is the case, while a solution may give you nearly all the functionality you need, it doesn’t get you 100% of the way there. To address this, companies leveraging a postmodern ERP strategy need to find ways to integrate an ERP application with others through APIs so that data can flow between this and other applications.

Acumatica makes import and export easy with Open Data Protocol (OData)-compliant functionality allowing for the use of representational state transfer (RESTful) APIs. This makes it easy to connect Acumatica to a wide range of applications, with PCMag noting its tight integration with Microsoft Power BI.

Ready for You Whenever and Where You Are

Due to its browser-based nature, Acumatica is easily accessible—whether in the office or on the go. Acumatica empowers users to make decisions wherever they are using either a web browser or Acumatica’s Android or iOS apps.

“The mobile apps for Android and iOS are identical, and have a different UI than when you access the app in a browser. The app has icons for specific tasks such as entering time cards, expense claims, expense reports, sales orders, or purchase orders (POs). I accessed the iOS app on an Apple iPad Mini and the Android app on a Lenovo Yoga convertible tablet, but they’re really structured for smartphone access.”

The Unique Pricing Model

While explained as “unusual,” Needleman does celebrate the Acumatica pricing model for its ability to help growing businesses pay only what they need. Unlike other leading cloud ERP providers, Acumatica’s unique pricing structure bases fees on resource consumption versus per-seat licensing. Users can choose SaaS Subscription, Private Cloud subscription, or Private Perpetual License—all of which disregards the number of users and focuses on the volume of key transactions for a user’s business.

Learn More: Acumatica and ICS

When it comes to ERP, you have many options available. This award, in addition to other awards and recognition in 2018 (including the SIIA CODiE Award for Best Cloud ERP Solution and Best Manufacturing Solution, highest customer satisfaction in Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant, and highest in usability in Nucleus Research’s ERP Technology Value Matrix, to name just a few), exemplifies what sets Acumatica cloud ERP apart from other ERP solutions.

At ICS, we are skilled in the implementation, customization, and integration of Acumatica Cloud ERP, designed for users to do more with what they have. Learn more about why this solution stands alone, get to know more about your path to ERP purchase, and contact us for a free consultation.