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Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.5 

Is the most recent update released on October 3, 2022 by Microsoft. Dynamic GP will continue to roll out updates past 2028. In short, GP is not going anywhere and neither are our plans to support it.

GP Can Modernize Your Business

The key is to be on an upgrade schedule that keeps you up to date with the latest and greatest features made available to GP users.


Enhanced security standards to keep your business safe


Enhanced Financial Features


Distribution Enhancements.

Focussed On

Supporting your dynamic organization & positioning you for growth.

Innovative Cloud Solutions has delivered Microsoft Dynamics GP solutions to small and mid-size businesses throughout the US for over 30 years. We have helped our customers implement, customize, and maintain their Dynamics GP software well before it was acquired by Microsoft, back when it was referred to as Great Plains. Dynamics GP is embedded into the fabric of our company and we have no plans of discontinuing our support of this product. 

Achieve Growth, Improve Efficiency, and Reduce Operating Costs

Microsoft has introduced a Modern Lifecycle policy for Dynamics GP to ensure the continued use of the software. What does this mean for you? Well, in short, it means Microsoft Dynamics GP is not going away. The Modern Policy offers continuous support and servicing, including bug fixes, new features and the latest tax updates. 

Navigating Your Upgrade Roadmap

Once you have upgraded to Dynamics GP 18.2 (2020) you will be on the Modern Lifecycle. This means you should expect to plan for an annual upgrade in order to keep your system preforming optimally. We will work with you to position your upgrade plan with Microsofts annual release schedule

GP User Training

Whether you are hiring new talent that will be using Dynamics GP for the first time or simply need training on new features added to GP, our team of experts have you covered. At ICS we take a train the trainer approach to ensure your talent has the power and skills they need to lead their peers to success. We cover everything from general training, to business process training for specific tasks or modules. 

On Going Support

We are here for your long-term Microsoft Dynamics GP support needs. Choose between a variety of support options purchase a custom support plan, pre-purchase a bundle of support hours, or pay as you go.  We offer help desk and application support, custom reports, and much more. Partner with us to add our team of innovative professionals to your toolbox.

What about cloud migrations?


What are my options for moving to the cloud?

A number of our customers have been on Dynamics GP for 20 plus years, but after Covid-19 hit in April of 2020, many of our clients found themselves prioritizing having easy access to their system from a remote environment. This unforeseen requirement bubbled up many questions about moving to the cloud for more than half of our customers, and the great news is you have more than one option. 

Host GP in the Cloud

Move your existing GP into a hosted environment (IaaS or infrastructure as a service). Essentially you would be lifting your current instance of GP out of your building and into a hosted environment. You would maintain your current GP licensing model by enacting this option.

Move To Business Central

The next-generation product built by Microsft for GP Users. Enjoy a more modern interface, thus doing away with having to navigate through multiple windows to complete your work tasks. It is a great solution for streamlining every facet of your business.

Compare Solutions

Since choosing to move to Business Central means you will be committing to a GP migration, we recommend exploring all of your options before you switch ERP platforms. We want to ensure the solution you choose will align with your current and future business goals.

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