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The key to a successful implementation is having a full-proof plan and a partner-supported system. At Innovative Cloud solutions, we make it our mission to first understand your day-to-day operations. Our first step is to clearly define your desired business outcomes and question if the technology you’re interested in can get you there. By allowing us to partner with you and learn what your needs are, we will be better focused on providing a solution that perfectly fits your business.

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We offer a free consultation service, get expert advice with zero commitments.

Our team of tenured professionals will perform a detailed review of your business and accounting processes, technical environment, and reporting needs before issuing any recommendations. We will help you navigate through all of your options and lay out what will best align with your long-term business goals and user requirements.

It can be difficult when selecting a new financial and business management system, cloud computing system, or any new system to clearly outline your needs. We have found that many of our clients get lost in the lingo and promises modern software has to offer. with our help, you will compare solutions like a pro. We will keep you focused on your end goal with realistic requirements, budgets, and timelines.

Your source of guidance for technology and long term success

We are a partner focused on your success. We cover data management, server maintenance, network communication, guidance, and infrastructure management to deliver meaningful information and a solution that performs. 

Our recommendations include

A description of the software products or modules, licensing options, any customization, operating system and database, and any third-party software products included in the proposal that are necessary to achieve your Project Objectives, and to meet the functional requirements laid out by your team.

We have experience 

We have over 3 decades of ERP experience and have completed hundreds of successful implementations and customizations in industries like distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, not-for-profit, restaurants, professional services and more.

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