Cloud Computing

Software As A Service

Lifting your business management software out of your building and into “the cloud” is really just a SaaS (software as a service) solution. These services include servers, databases, networking, storage, software, analytics, and more. Cloud computing is a result of the on-premises or what we refer to as the “legacy software” era.  During the legacy era business owners were responsible for everything short of the implementation of their own business management software. Everything from optimizing their infrastructures, database management, disaster recovery, VPN configuration, and the list goes on. 


When cloud computing does the work for you.

Hosts or “cloud providers” typically provide software plus services. What does this mean for you? In short, instead of buying, installing, and fully managing an on-prem system yourself you can choose a cloud solution that does it all for you. 

In today’s market cloud solutions allow you to subscribe to their software on a monthly or annual basis. Since cloud infrastructures are web-based, you can access your software via an internet browser. No more being tied to the office or your local machines.  

Cloud solutions were built to be easy to scale, user-friendly, and lower operating costs. In fact, choosing a cloud solution over maintaining your legacy software will likely show benefits sooner than you think. Trade-in installations, equipment updates, and license managemnt for a straight forward, simple implementation.

What does a cloud solution mean for

your business?

It can mean any number of things, for most it means a decrease in costs and an increase your profitability. The benefits of building your business on a cloud infrastructure is ongoing. 

Robust Resources at Less Cost

See rapid benefits to your budget as you eliminate the expense of buying hardware, software, data center set-up, and overhead. Most cloud solutions also have modern subscription models which help you save on capital expenditure. 

Better Efficiency & Performance

Enjoy integrated applications, the ability to enter data once across financial applications to guard against clerical errors and data redundancy. Cloud solutions ensure increased data integrity and promote collaboration across organization.

Higher Security Levels

Protect your organization against internal and external threats. Cloud solutions offer many layers of customizable security. Everything from single sign-on authentication to role-based security restrictions, and more. 

Enhanced Flexibility

Cloud solutions were built to be scalable. Features like cross-browser support allows your team to enjoy access to a single source of truth, no matter if their in the office, or working remotely. Scale your business resources up or down as needed.

Cloud Solutions

Deliver lasting value to organizations like yours!