Microsoft Dynamics GP for Government Agencies

Spend less time on funding and accounting processes, and more on delivering services.


Focus on operations instead of technology. Microsoft Dynamics GP helps state, city, and local government agencies adhere better to regulations and controls, proactively manage grants and budgets, and streamline accounting processes.

Interfund accounting

  • Manage interfund transfers with ease
  • Ensure accurate account balances
  • Transfer funds without manual entry and reconciliation processes
  • Automatic transaction analysis confirms that fund accounts are balanced
  • Integrate seamlessly with Intercompany and General Ledger programs

Account management

  • Gain a more detailed picture of your financials
  • Monitor all details of payables within a single window
  • Define each report segment to represent a program, fund, division, or cost center
  • Drill down to segment details
  • Ensure accurate reporting at the end of the month

Encumbrance management

  • Ensure budgets stay within their limits
  • Correctly allocate funds
  • Proactively manage and adhere to budgets
  • Monitor encumbrances at any time
  • Analyze budget information via integration with purchase order processing
  • Simplify year-end reporting

Commitments management

  • Track purchase orders as commitments against budgets
  • Monitor status and activity in progress
  • Tighten budget controls without halting purchase order processes
  • Keep on track with automatic alerts
  • Reduce processing time rack with automatic alerts
  • Streamline transfer of outstanding online requisitions

Grant management

  • Monitor daily expenditures and budgetary controls
  • Improve decision making with access to real-time accounting information
  • Promote accountability of sponsors
  • Maintain tight control over project and funding success
  • Know your budget status with automatic updates

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