Microsoft Dynamics Manufacturing Solutions

Success in the manufacturing industry means that you need to know when to manufacture certain product, for whom, how much and by when – all at a price the customer is willing to pay.


This means that you need to have the ability to respond quickly, remain compliant and make decisions based on solid data.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers manufacturing organizations cost-effective resource planning and management tools that facilitate collaboration with supply chain partners, enables control of the entire financial life cycle of the manufacturing business process and drives competitive advantage in your industry.

Business Intelligence leads to Optimal Decision Making

Use efficient tools for gathering, organizing and viewing changes to orders prior to final authorization. Increase your control over your supply chain by managing materials, components and assemblies more effectively.

Control Costs

Capture costs as they occur and consolidate them in a centralized location for quick retrieval and analysis.

Stay on top of your Work Orders

By tracking production costs and work orders, you can drive additional efficiencies in your supply chain and remain profitable.

Agile ERP

The ability to be agile in manufacturing can help you compete on a global platform. The ability to change procurement and production with higher levels of accuracy is a capability that will help you get ahead and stay ahead.

Meet and Exceed expectations

Deliver outstanding customer service by ensuring that your products meet and exceed standards. Your sales people can over deliver on your behalf through effective communication, insight into the supply chain and successful product delivery.

ICS provides software technology solutions to manufacturing customers throughout the United States.

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