As we continue to introduce ourselves in our blog series, we are today turning our attention to the product that we’ve worked with the longest—Microsoft Dynamics GP. With the Dynamics GP 2018 R2 set for an October 1, 2018 release, we would like to take a short look back at the product, the improvements that Microsoft has made over the years, and offer a brief look at the newest version of the software: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

Dynamics GP: A Continually Improving Classic

Microsoft Dynamics GP traces its roots to 1981 and represented one of the originators in the market. Acquired by Microsoft in 2000, Dynamics GP continues to be one of the biggest names in enterprise resource planning software for small and mid-market companies.  Dynamics GP helps you manage your financials, inventory, and operations. Designed to improve the way companies in a variety of Industries do business, Dynamics GP is available On-Premise or in the Cloud.

There are currently three versions of Dynamics GP under Mainstream Support, GP 2013 Service Pack entered Extended Support on April 11, 2018 and Extended Support for 2010 ends on October 10, 2020. For the longest possible support for your business, we recommend GP 2018, with the R2 version scheduled for release on October 1, 2018. We will discuss new features in GP 2018 R2 below and in an upcoming blog series.

Dynamics GP 2015

Dynamics GP 2015 marked the major transition to its modern iterations. Introducing Workflow 2.0, web client enhancements, employee self -service enhancements, Management Reporter improvements, and more, the improvements in GP 2015 were built on in later versions. Learn more about Dynamics GP 2015 here.

Dynamics GP 2016 and GP 2016 R2

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 and 2016 R2 built on previous releases to offer important upgrades to business intelligence capabilities, making improvements to financial management, distribution, project accounting, payroll, and more. GP 2016 R2 improved workflows and added functionality to the same modules on user requests. You can learn more about our work with Dynamics GP 2016 here.

Dynamics GP 2018

GP 2018 is the newest version of the GP line. Built on decades of experience and adding features built around user requests, GP 2018 is the most advanced Microsoft Dynamics GP product available.

The GP 2018 release adds to previous releases and enhances specific areas of the product, while also expanding existing functionality, notably in the document attachment and workflow areas. In addition to the major platform and system-wide enhancements, much of the innovation in GP 2018 was focused on the following areas.

  • Workflow 4.0: In addition to new workflows, including general ledger account approvals and purchase order invoice approval, you can copy a step within a workflow, and send reminder email messages from workflow.
  • User experience enhancements: Redesigned to improve the user experience, UX improvements included easier sorting, SmartList control, and major Web Client Improvements.
  • BI enhancements: GP 2018 was built to work well with Power BI, and the GP Content Pack allowed users the ability to slice and dice numbers like never before.
  • Financials enhancements: Various user experience and functionality enhancements made it easier than ever to use the financials module in GP 2018.
  • Distribution and supply chain enhancements: Advancements to purchase order generation, printing, sales transactions, and more graced the new GP 2018 release.
  • Human Resources and Payroll enhancements: Various improvements to the HR functionality included the ability to roll down changes, take control over printing garnishment reports, and update department codes in data tables with ease.

GP 2018 built on the advancements made throughout the life of the product and continues to provide better experience for customers. Learn more about the power of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 here.

Stay Tuned for R2: Blog Series on New Features Coming Soon

Many businesses wait for the R2 version of Dynamics to come out to make the move. Often released within the first year, these updates provide the necessary bug fixes as well as user-requested functionality. With Dynamics GP 2018 R2 on the horizon, we will discuss the enhancements that Microsoft is making in R2 in a series of upcoming blogs based on Microsoft’s Feature of the Day series.

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