We are an Acumatica partner. In this role, we have worked with many companies over the years on the implementation of Acumatica Cloud ERP. In conversations with prospective customers, we sometimes hear people refer to Acumatica as “an application.” This is not the best way to look at Acumatica. It’s really an integrated suite of applications that comprises a complete business management solution. The full depth and breadth of Acumatica is striking. For this reason, we thought it would be worth taking a moment to run down Acumatica’s main capabilities.

A Complete Business Management Solution – Hosted in the Cloud

Acumatica offers functions for the complete range of business management processes. They span accounting and finance, manufacturing operations management, logistics, warehouse and inventory, distribution, field service and more. As a cloud-based software product, Acumatica is highly flexible. You can add or remove features more or less at will. It scales effortlessly, enabling you to provision it to users without the need to invest in hardware on-premises. There is no specialized client software to support on user endpoints. Acumatica products’ highlights include:

  • Financial management Acumatica offers functionality for ranging from practical on-line accounting that are suitable for smaller local businesses to feature-rich all-encompassing financial applications. These are meant for larger more complex businesses. Acumatica accounting software is designed to grow with you.
  • Distribution management – Distribution businesses have distinct needs. Acumatica Distribution Management gives distributors the ability to administer quotes and orders and track inventory. With Acumatica, distribution managers can automate purchasing and improve customer service. It integrates with Customer Resource Management (CRM), financials, manufacturing and project accounting. This connectivity gives managers complete visibility across the entire distribution organization.
  • Customer Management – Standard CRM functionality is included in Acumatica. The software allows for the management of leads, contacts and opportunities. You can set up customer portals that enable customer engagement after the sale has concluded. This contributes to better overall customer perceptions and experiences.
  • Project Accounting – Acumatica gives you insights into actual project costs, whether for an internal or external project. The toolset let you manage budgets, time keeping and project inventory along with complex billing. Users feel empowered to compare actual versus budgeted costs and follow up by revising budgets using visual dashboards.

Industry-Specific Acumatica Offerings

Acumatica has come out with industry-specific editions. These solutions are adapted for the unique needs of a particular sector. With Manufacturing Management, for example, users can integrate customer management, sales orders, inventory and purchasing with production planning. The solution also enables shop floor scheduling and accounting. Real time coordination is also possible, even between multiple production facilities.

  • Field Service Edition – This edition allows users to track and simplify every process required for effective field services operations. This includes better management of service orders, appointments, contracts, warranties and routes. With Acumatica Field Service Edition, managers can stay on top of staff skills, equipment capabilities and implement preventative maintenance schedules.
  • Commerce Edition – Users can leverage Acumatica Commerce Edition to deliver consistent customer experience across all sales channels. The solution features complete integration between online, mobile, and in-store service.
  • Construction Edition – Construction businesses now gain complete project control, starting with estimating and continuing through close-out of construction projects. The results include enhanced profit margin and reduced waste.

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