Acumatica will soon release its latest semi-annual update, known as 2020 R1. This new edition of Acumatica Cloud ERP expands the solution’s business management capabilities. It’s a big deal. As Acumatica CEO, John Roskill explained in his keynote at the Acumatica 2020 summit, “2020 R1 is a significant new product release.” He then added, “We have to pause sometimes and marvel at the pace of innovation consistently delivered by our product team. Acumatica customers and partners keep clamoring for more and they get it, twice a year, with real quality.”

R1 delivers enhancements to data management, including the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), along with new mobile features, simplified reporting and payroll. Acumatica now also offers omnichannel commerce through integration with BigCommerce as well as improvement document management through a partnership Adobe Document Cloud. Highlights of R1 include:

  • Omnichannel Commerce—By integrating with BigCommerce, Acumatica R1 now provides omnichannel sales support. Organizations can integrate sales, delivery and customer service. This expands how a company interacts with customers, supporting both B2B and B2C models of doing business.
  • Cloud-based e-signatures—Integration with Adobe Document Cloud enables Acumatica R1 users to send, sign and track documents using a browser or mobile device. The result is more streamlined document and contract management.
  • More, better mobility—R1 Users can create expense reports with a mobile camera. Field service reps can record travel and break time on service calls and attach captured images to data records. They can get to data entry screens more quickly using a “quick add” button.
  • Improved project management—R1’s new project management tools give users more advanced project management capabilities, such as simplified project balance reconciliation. Users can also track project progress with improved daily field reports, weather data (available via the ClimaCell service), photo logs and other data.
  • Payroll—With R1, companies can minimize overhead expenses by using Acumatica Payroll. This module makes it possible to run in-house payroll and speed up paycheck delivery, reduce mistakes and eliminate interface complexity. Acumatica Payroll also allows for salaried and hourly workers. It integrates taxes and tax forms, deductions and benefits, certified wages and even accommodates flexible payroll periods, union wage data and timecard integration with overtime rules
  • Better manufacturing operations—R1 introduces new, advanced manufacturing planning features such as “capable-to-promise” and “what-if scenarios.” It is now also possible to track production and costs with native shop floor data collection.
  • Updated warehouse management functions—R1 users benefit from expanded sales and warehouse operations, with fast order generation, tracking and management of inventory-related items. Acumatica’s Warehouse Management module now also supports rapid fulfillment with wave and batch picking.

These are just the highlights. Industry editions have new features in R1. Reporting has also been extensively updated in the new release, as have a number of accounting processes.

We have worked with many companies in the implementation of Acumatica. The software scales with your business as it grows. The release of R1 presents a great opportunity to learn about how Acumatica can help you realize your business objectives. To learn more or schedule a free demo, contact us.

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