As September approaches, the year’s end seems tantalizingly close, casting early shadows on the Year-end tasks ahead. Users of Microsoft Dynamics GP stand to benefit significantly by initiating preparations sooner rather than later. With the IRS’s e-filing requirements and the upcoming October 18.6 release of Dynamics GP scheduled for 10.2.2023, early planning is both strategic and advantageous. 


October’s Release: Unveiling New Features 

In recent times, discussions surrounding the future trajectory of Microsoft Dynamics GP and its place amidst evolving digital landscapes have been prevalent. Although it may not be the epitome of a “modern cloud” solution, it’s heartening to see the commitment from its development team and the fervor of its community, ensuring it remains both competitive and dependable. This commitment is evident in Microsoft’s roadmap for the 18.6 release set for this October. 

The Dynamics community, a collective of Microsoft GP users, has been industriously contributing feedback, offering valuable insights, and voicing their preferences. Their active engagement in suggesting improvements and casting votes on pivotal features underscores the collaborative spirit of this community. So, what features have been greenlit? A few that have been confirmed include:


  • Modifications in Letter Writing Assistance (LRA) 
  • Enhanced coding capabilities for 1099 forms 
  • Streamlining decimals from 5 to 2 in workflow approval emails 
  • Integrating shared mailboxes with MFA 
  • Financial Summary Inquiry adding Redisplay button 
  • Customer statements display open items only 
  • More enhancements to the Print and Email Cash Receipts from 18.5 
  • Email/Reprint Vendor Remittance with message fields 
  • Print Sales Order Processing blank picking ticket template 
  • Set Unit of Measure from the PO Requisition to the Purchase Order 
  • Letter Writing Assistant Final Notice on Collection Letters 
  • Format Workflow emails with item decimals  
  • Project Time and Expense Workflow My Expenses/ Delegates Nav List 
  • Project Time and Expense Workflow my Timesheets Nav List 
  • Payroll Year-End Wage Report Formatting 
  • Letter Writing Assistant Expiring Test in Human Resources 
  • ALL Payables 1099 forms will print with LINES 


We’re excited to discover the full range of features that will be integrated into this release. 

The Upgrade Route to 18.6 

The adage, “the early bird catches the worm”, holds true when it comes to software upgrades. Here is what you should earmark: The upgrade to 18.6 will be supported from 18.4 RTM or subsequent versions (like 18.4.1361). If your current version is 18.4.1361 or newer, anticipate a routine upgrade process. Take note, a direct upgrade from GP 2016 to 18.6 will not be available. This stipulation remains consistent for the end of 2023 as well. The sanctioned path is from 18.4 RTM or its successors to 18.6. 


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