Business Intelligence

Is your data actionable?

Proper BI allows you to evolve and continue to grow as a company. When you are using real-time data mapped out in a useful format, it gives you the tools you need to succeed. You can adjust your company roadmap accordingly if/when you discover market trends, inventory issues, cash flow concerns, or other elements that are key to your company’s workflow. Let us help you get the information you need to make better business decisions.

It is important to note that you need to monitor your data for accuracy. This means your spreadsheets, query display, and digital dashboards need outdated data removed promptly so as not to skew the current information you are working with. Know what your business as a whole needs to maintain profitability and who within your organization are your go-to’s for each department.

Clean data

Should be your first priority.

In today’s digital market stale data can be detrimental to decision making. Business intelligence software can help you build custom reports and visualize your data, but these reports are only as good as the data itself. You may not want to hear this, but if you are considering business intelligence solutions, then your journey begins with cleaning your data.

Cloud solutions were built to be easy to scale, user-friendly, and lower operating costs. In fact, choosing a cloud solution over maintaining your legacy software will likely show benefits sooner than you think. Trade-in installations, equipment updates, and license managemnt for a straight forward, simple implementation.

Discover trends and share meaningful insight backed by dependable data.

Do you want to deliver critical information to decision makers, but need to depend on working with IT to gather insights? With self service BI you can take action without relying on your IT department. 

More efficient reporting

Arm them with resources and BI tools they need in a format they understand and that they have the ability to act accordingly or report back when it is apparent that adjustments need to be made. Knowing your overall company goals, whether they are monthly, quarterly, or annually, will allow you to create the dashboards, query displays, and reports needed to achieve those goals.

Quick deployment

We work with powerful BI tools, some that are built into your ERP and other third-party tools like Microsoft Power BI. In either case, you can get up and running rather quickly. We work with the best reporting tools that empower our clients to slice and dice their data with standard out-of-the-box visual tools.

Dismantle data silos

Centralized data breeds confident decisions. Manual spreadsheets are error-prone and often exist in many different versions. You will spend more time consolidating and reconciling information with manual processes. Spend more time pivoting in a direction of growth and less time managing your data. 

Enhanced financial reporting

Eliminate repetitive and error-prone processes by leveraging a BI solution that will report real-time data back to your team. Focus on analysis of your data instead of data collection or the entry of your data. Take control of your work with business intelligence. 

Business Intelligence 

Is a tool you need to be leveraging in today’s market