Better Physician Recruiting Results

Finally, there is an applicant tracking solution designed by and for, staff physicians and AP recruiters. It has the flexibility to handle your complex processes, with the ease of use and reporting flexibility of a world-class CRM, like Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Candidate Tracking

We start with a simple tool for capturing candidate information whether that candidate comes from a job fair, list, external job board or your web site. When a new search begins your recruiters can quickly search all candidates by specialty, date available, and candidate status to begin the outreach for the recruiting process.


Opportunity Tracking

Easily view, “up to the minute” information regarding all your open opportunities including, Department, Location, Service, date needed, number of candidates presented, number of phone screens performed, number of interviews conducted, number of days open, strategies used, expenses incurred, number of site visits, number of offers, number of acceptances, onboarding status and more.


ATS and Web Site Integration

Imagine, not having to re-enter candidate information when they apply for a position on your web site. With our ATS & Web Site Integration option, we capture all the candidate’s information, including the copy of their CV, directly into our system regardless of the web site or job board used to attract the candidate.


Work right from your Outlook

You can save important communications and log appointments with a hiring lead or candidate directly from your MS Outlook.


Flexible Reporting

Let stakeholders know the details regarding each of your opportunities. Report on progress with all open and filled positions, recruiter activities and candidate status. Track your onboarding activities to guarantee a smooth start for your candidates.


User Friendly

Users can quickly pick up and learn this system. Not only is it easy to deploy, but it is also very flexible. We can easily make small tweaks to it as your needs change.

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