Several key features need to be considered when sourcing the correct enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for your organization. When the goal is streamlining and simplifying the workflow for your manufacturing business, a traditional “out of the box” ERP just won’t do. 


At Innovative Cloud Solutions, we’ve been specializing in pairing our clients with the exact right tool for their specific needs – for more than 30 years. For manufacturers, there’s no better solution than Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition, a cloud-based ERP solution that was built to meet the complex needs of today’s manufacturers. 

The following are four key challenges manufacturers face when sourcing an ERP system and how Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition addresses those needs:

1.     Ease of use across all phases of the ERP workflow

All too often, enterprise software products that incorporate various organizational processes may work well in some areas and less than optimal in others. Acumatica addressed this concern when developing the robust cross-functionality of their Manufacturing Edition.

Examples of this streamlined approach include:

Purchase and Production Orders

Acumatica’s Product Configurator tool is able to access real-time data across platforms, as needed when preparing and updating purchase and production orders.

Bills of Material

At the heart of Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition is the Bill of Materials module, documenting the availability and costs of materials and resources needed for each project throughout the production lifecycle. Features of this module include allowing for real-time tracking of engineering change requests, reviewing change history, managing BOM version control and routing, and management for effectivity dates.

2.     Ease of system implementation and managing your    manufacturing workflow


As an Acumatica partner, Innovation Cloud Solutions provides the guidance and resources you need, from planning to implementing your ERP. Once you’re up and running, we remain available as needed to keep your operations moving smoothly.

Sourcing ERP

When sourcing an ERP solution for your organization, it’s essential to be confident that the system you select is the right fit for all of your needs. When you work with Innovative Cloud Solutions, we not only have the experience necessary to recommend the right ERP for your business, we have the expertise to customize that system to meet your unique needs.

Implementation, Data Migration, and Training

Our comprehensive implementation process ensures that every detail is attended to, including project planning, software installation and configuration, reporting and business development deployment, and application development.

We ensure that the initial data needed for the ERP setup is in place by planning the migration from your existing system.

In addition to computer programmers, our implementation teams include subject matter experts such as MBAs and CPAs with ERP end-user experience. This means your system will be built with the specific users in mind, resulting in a smoother onboarding process. Training resources and post-implementation support and upgrades are available as well.


As a cloud-based product, Acumatica ensures network and infrastructure security for both on-site and remote users, centralized control and policy control, and ease of backup and fast data restoration when needed.

User Testing and Go Live

When your system goes live, you can be confident that each component has been fully tested and is working according to project specifications.

Innovative Cloud Solutions has a comprehensive system for testing throughout the project development. A tool called the “sandbox”  is live for 60 days, during which time our customers can thoroughly test their daily business processes to ensure their ERP is running optimally.

After the customer gives the okay, the Go Live process is scheduled and takes about 2-4 hours to complete. The ICS Support team remains available throughout, as well as after the project completion.

3.     Optimal data management


With the robust capability of Acumatica’s cloud-based system, your data is available to all users in real-time, regardless of their location.

Examples include:

Accounting Systems and CRM


Recent upgrades to Acumatica’s CRM include ease of data access for customer communications, AI enhancements for reducing data duplication, and mobile image recognition allowing contact creation from business cards.

Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition is designed to meet the complex accounting needs of the modern manufacturer, including General Ledger consolidation, sub-accounts, automatic revenue recognition, and intercompany accounting.

Human Resources


As a cloud-based system, Acumatica provides the ability to easily access real-time data from any location. The result is the capability for seamless collaboration regardless of place, and greater remote work opportunities.

4.     Uptime reliability


Consistent, reliable system uptime is crucial to the day-to-day operations of your business. Acumatica understands this and ensures at least 99.5% uptime.  In cases where this threshold is not met, service credits may be given. Complete details are provided in Acumatica’s Service Level Agreement.

Ready for a Deeper Dive into the Manufacturing Edition?


If you’re interested in learning more about the functionality of this unique ERP, we invite you to view our On-Demand Video demonstration, “Gain a Better Manufacturing Flow with Purchase Orders and Production Orders with Acumatica’s ERP Software”.


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