Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business solution designed for small and midsized organizations (SMBs). As part of the broader Microsoft ecosystem, which includes Microsoft 365, Power BI and more, Dynamics 365 Business Central is a driver of improved productivity. This is more true than ever now that 2020 release wave 2 of the software is available.

Understanding Productivity

There is an easy way to measure productivity, and a hard way. The hard way involves measuring how people perform their jobs and trying to see if they are getting more work done in a given period of time. That would mean they are more productive. The easy way is simply to divide revenue or profits by the number of employees and see if that number is tracking in one direction of another. If last year, your business grossed $5 million with 50 employees, that’s a productivity rate of $100,000 per employee. This year, if you gross $10 million with the same 50 employees, you’ve doubled your productivity rate to $200,000 per employee.

10 Productivity Benefits from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

You can apply either the easy or hard measuring techniques to estimate productivity gains from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The software improves time-based productivity at levels of individual employees and workflows. It also helps with the big picture. Dynamics 365 Business Central enables a team to take care of more business:

1) Spotting trends

Dynamics 365 Business Central connects your people, departments and business units. Working together with the system’s reporting and data visualization capabilities, everyone can gain insights into customers and operational processes.

2) Sharing data and collaborating more effectively

Data sharing in Dynamics 365 Business Central leads to better collaboration. For example, connecting customer relationship management (CRM) with your back-office workflow makes it possible for people in operations to anticipate increased demand based on sales forecasts. At the same time, finance can monitor sales and expenses in real time while customer-facing teams get a complete view of customers. They push new sales opportunities their way and improve customer service.

3) Keeping better track of customer information

Sales team members can now instantly call up customer profiles and past histories, on any kind of device. This gives them the ability to deliver a personalized experience for each client.

4) Automating and easily adapting business processes

With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can increase productivity by simplifying processes related to finance, streamlining your supply chain and managing your sales teams.

5) Making IT more productive

As a cloud-based service, Dynamics 365 Business Central frees your IT staff to handle more important business. This allows the business to handle more revenue with the same number of employees, or fewer. It is easier to add or remove users as the team changes, as well, which is also a driver of productivity.

6) Achieving a 360-degree view of the customer

Dynamics 365 Business Central lets you see all the data you’ve been gathering about customers in a coherent, meaningful form. You’ll be able to spot winning sales tactics and fix ones that are broken. Possible areas of improved insight include current cases, buying history and previous communications.

7) Staying focused on success

The CRM module gives the sales team data-rich, interactive dashboards they can use to zero in on the most promising leads. The same data visualization features help you track your most active customers, uncovering new sales and service opportunities.

8) Increasing productivity through enhanced mobility

Your people can work pretty much anywhere with Dynamics 365 Business Central. Employees can stay connected to key business data points such as customer details, product information and order status. Working on mobile devices, they can deliver better customer service.

9) Responding quickly to people, customers and situations

Dynamics 365 Business Central gives you and your team access that’s virtually anywhere, anytime. You can track presence and instantly message team members, bolstering everyone’s productivity in the process.

10) Staying secure and available

Security may not seem relevant to productivity, until you consider the impact of an outage. Then, people are idle, which is bad for productivity. Worse, sales may stall at the same time. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers guaranteed uptime and data backup, with continuous backup across globally distributed datacenters. This provides built-in data redundancy that protects you from a potentially catastrophic loss.

These factors contribute to better productivity. They enable your team to get more work done in less time—making more money while making the work go faster. We have worked with many businesses on the implementation of Dynamics 365 Business Central. To learn more, contact us for a free consultation and demo.

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