Having worked with many Dynamics clients over the years, we have found that the solution enables business managers to streamline business processes and make more informed decisions based on real time data. Used in tandem with sound management and good strategy, Dynamics 365 Business Strategy is a catalyst for growth.

An end-to-end view of the business

What’s happening in your business? Gone are the days when the boss could look out of an office window and see the whole operation at a glance. Today, business activity shows up as data coming from business software, often from multiple locations. Sales, accounting, procurement, logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, payables – all of these activities create a digital trail of data. Dynamics 365 Business Central ties these workflows together and provides managers with a single view into the entire state of the business. For example, if customer orders are increasing in a way that will over-stretch a supplier of a particular part, the software can tell you about the impending supply gap before it becomes a problem.

Effective, efficient financial management

For too long, accounting and financial management ran as a standalone silo within most businesses. There was the business, which consisted of sales and operations, and then there was accounting and finance. This split, which was largely a matter of software incompatibility, is neither necessary nor wise any longer. With Dynamics 365 Business Central, accounting and finance are integrated into the broader operational software platform.

For example, with the parts shortage discussed above, what if finding a new parts supplier requires getting a line of credit? How much accounting team effort will it take to apply for a credit line? An integrated accounting system gives managers a single view of expected cash flows, debt service, orders-in-queue and financial statements. This capability makes the process of securing credit faster and easier.

Dynamics 365 Business Central further helps with accounting and finance through fast closes and compliance. Business managers can streamline financial management operations while gaining a faster, better-informed sense of how the company’s finances are doing. Compliance and audits can also move faster, which saves time and helps avoid distractions from growth-oriented work.

Project management and manufacturing

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers features that help companies run more profitably, whether they are manufacturers or project-based businesses. This occurs through supply chain automation, optimized manufacturing operations and warehousing, along with sophisticated project scheduling and accounting. Of course, some companies are project-oriented manufacturers. For such businesses, Dynamics 365 Business Central offers flexible implementation and integration of modules that enables real time awareness and effective management

To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you run your business better, contact us for a free consultation and demonstration of the solution.

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