For many years, the slogan of Greyhound Bus Lines was “Leave the driving to us…” This could be a great jingle for today’s cloud providers. Leave the IT to us. Or, leave the tedious IT tasks to us. This is one of the great advantages of migrating your applications, data, storage and infrastructure to the cloud. You’re off the hook.

Migrating to the cloud offers your business many benefits. You’ve probably already heard some of the technology’s basic positive attributes. Here are five more that dig a little deeper. Before we get into them, our standard cloud caveat applies: the cloud is not an all or nothing proposition. Chances are, you already run some of your IT in the cloud. Other IT assets are waiting for the cloud move. Some may never migrate. That’s okay. In fact, having the choice to keep some of your infrastructure in-house is also a positive aspect of the cloud.

1. You’re off the CapEx treadmill

The original cloud sales pitch involved talking about how much money you were going to save in the cloud. As experience has shown, this may or may not be true, but it’s not even the point any longer. The cloud gets your off the Capital Expense (CapEx) treadmill. You will no longer have to pony up a big cash payment (or take a loan) to buy hardware and software licenses every three years. And, most importantly, you’ll have more choices for your IT spending. You can add or subtract IT payments for cloud solutions as you need them. You’ll never again have to worry about over-investing in equipment that won’t be used or under-investing and getting overloaded when the busy season comes.

2. Cloud offerings are getting wildly more sophisticated

It’s really remarkable what you can do in the cloud now. All the best enterprise software packages are available in the cloud. The major cloud providers have set up specialized hosting programs to support them with optimal performance. You can get virtually any IT stack you can imagine in the cloud, free from earlier compromises around performance.

3. The security issue is settled

When cloud solutions first came on the market, there were some concerns about their security. Now, almost everyone in the IT sector agrees that cloud providers have superior security countermeasures in place versus all but the most sophisticated corporate data centers.

4. You have newfound flexibility

The cloud enables agility. You can set up IT solutions quickly and change them far more rapidly than is possible with in-house technology stacks. This capability makes it possible to roll out new business ideas more quickly than before.

5. The cloud aligns with digital transformation initiatives

When people talk about digital transformation, which involves the rethinking of business processes and strategies based on new technologies, they’re really talking about the cloud. DevOps, continuous code integration, APIs, mobility—all of these things work better in the cloud.

These are just five of the many benefits of the cloud. If you’re not sure if the cloud is right for you, or which of your IT asset you want to migrate first, let’s talk. We can help you think through a meaningful cloud strategy for your business.

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