Have you ever wanted to have an inquiry window that rolls up all the accounts like a trial report? What about an inquiry window  where you could view a group of non-related accounts (accounts not in a range)?  Well you’re in luck, today we are going to demonstrate how you can accomplish Account Rollups in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Account Rollup is a feature that very few users know about. It offers an alternative to comparing account actuals (This Year, Previous Years), budgets and variances.

Follow these steps to learn how to use this feature:


Step One

From the Financial Navigation>>Inquiry >> Financial >> Account Rollup

Step Two

Enter an Option ID. The Option ID is the name of the selection that you create, so you can run the inquiry without recreating it every time.  Moving off the Option ID gives you the opportunity to add this option. When you click YES, the Account Rollup Inquiry Options window will open. Note: If you have an existing Option, you can click the Modify button to open this window.

Step Three

You can have up to four(4) columns and the column labels can be changed.  You can define the number of columns you are needing from the Column drop-down field.

Choose a column Type:


  • Actual – current year actual amounts
  • Budget – choose from any budget that has been set up in Dynamics GP. Use the lookup window icon to choose a Budget.
  • Calculated – use for calculating data in a column.  Use the Blue Arrow icon to open the Account Rollup Inquiry Calculated Column window to create the calculation.
  • Previous Year – previous year amounts
  • Other Currency – to report any multicurrency activity.  Use the lookup window icon to choose a Currency.

Step Four

Next, choose what accounts you will be reporting on. Enter a From and To of the accounts that you are wanting to add to this inquiry option and click Insert.

The accounts that you are adding to the inquiry option do not need to be in a range.  They can be random.  You can add a range of accounts and remove a few from the range just inserted.  You can add different segment numbers to the selection.  There are no rules, except you cannot have posting and unit accounts together in the option inquiry together.

Click Save at top of the window to save the Option and return to the Account Rollup Inquiry window.

Choose to display information by Net Change or Period Balances then click Redisplay to run the option.

Step Five

Click on a period to then drill back using the links to show the Account detail.

Final Step

Clicking on the link for Balance will open the Detail Inquiry window with the Account selected transactions for that selected period.

Choosing the Print Report in Detail will print out the Account Detail Inquiry report for all the accounts in this inquiry.  This report can be modified to add journal entry information.

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