Acumatica, one of the leading providers of cloud ERP software, released its 2022 R2 version last September. This release includes a range of new features and improvements designed to enhance security, improve user experience, and provide greater functionality for businesses of all sizes. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the key features of Acumatica 2022 R2.


Enhancements You Asked For Delivered


The Acumatica Community page was hard at work offering suggestions and voting on which should have priority. This year Acumatica packed in new features around Organization and CRM, Financials, Inventory and Order Management, Service Management and more. Below are just a few additions to the Financials Module. Below are just a few of the additions to the Financials module pulled from Acumatica’s 2022 R2 Release Notes.

AC-135686: On the Master Financial Calendar (GL201000) form, after the calendar template had been
modified, it was possible to generate inconsistent periods for a year before the first existing financial year.
Acumatica Release Notes for 22.200.0104
AC-148790: On the Vendors (AP303000) form, users experienced issues because of non-sequential tab
AC-166795: If on the Billing tab of the Customers (AR303000) form, the Open Item statement type was selected
for a customer and a payment of the customer had been voided, both the payment and the voided payment were
included in the statement generated for the customer even though the statement was expected to contain only
documents that were open on the statement date.
AC-175945: On the Release AP Documents (AP501000) form, it was possible to release a payment document
with an empty value in the Vendor Ref. column even if the payment method specified for the AP payment had
the Require Unique Payment Ref. check box selected on the Settings for Use in AP tab of the Payment
Methods (CA204000) form. No error messages were shown in the Processing dialog box.



Enhanced Security Features


One of the key features of Acumatica 2022 R2 is its enhanced security capabilities. With this release, businesses can take advantage of advanced security features like multi-factor authentication, role-based access control, and data encryption to protect their sensitive information from unauthorized access. Additionally, Acumatica 2022 R2 includes improved auditing and logging capabilities, making it easier for businesses to track and monitor user activity within the system. Overall, these security enhancements make Acumatica 2022 R2 one of the most secure cloud ERP solutions on the market today.


Improved User Experience


Acumatica 2022 R2 not only offers enhanced security capabilities but also boasts of a vastly improved user experience. In fact, it has one of the most user-friendly interfaces in the market. Acumatica listens to user feedback and tailors its workflows and system navigation accordingly. This is prominent in the Acumatica 2022R2’s mobile application’s new ability to transfer between the desktop and mobile application, leaving your entire workspace intact. As people on the go, we may need to go from a desktop application to a mobile device in many cases. Acumatica’s mobile application will load with the exact same data you left off with before switching devices.

The latest release features a redesigned, intuitive, and user-friendly interface, making it easier for businesses to navigate and use the system. Furthermore, Acumatica 2022 R2 includes new features that enhance the already-powerful customizable dashboards and reporting capabilities, providing businesses with greater visibility into their operations and enabling them to make better-informed decisions. Some new features include automated mobile signature capture, an improved mobile experience where users can tailor the appearance of their mobile dashboard, and increased user settings.

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Sales and purchases

Analytical Report Manager

Dashboards & Widgets

System Security

 Accounting for Projects



New and Improved Integrations


Acumatica 2022 R2 boasts a range of new and improved integrations, including popular third-party applications like Adobe Sign, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Power BI. These integrations have become essential for remote and hybrid work schedules, where digital collaboration has become more necessary than ever before. The powerful generic inquiry tables within Acumatica allow businesses to centralize their data and visualize it based on their needs and role access security, reducing their reliance on Excel spreadsheets. Acumatica gives users full control of role data access down to coding their own requirements or fields. By offering powerful reporting capabilities, such as integration with Microsoft Power BI, Acumatica allows businesses to pull in data from a wide range of sources, providing a more comprehensive view of their operations. Overall, Acumatica is surpassing many of its competitors in its efforts to make technology more accessible and affordable to a wider range of people.


Increased Flexibility and Scalability


Acumatica 2022 R2 offers increased flexibility and scalability, which are among its key benefits. The product is built on a highly flexible platform that provides businesses with the agility they need to adjust their processes to meet consumer needs in real-time. This means that businesses can easily customize their ERP system to meet their unique needs and requirements.

In addition, Acumatica 2022 R2 is a cloud-based solution, making it even more scalable. As a business grows and changes over time, it can easily scale its system up or down to meet changing needs. This flexibility means that businesses can continue to use Acumatica 2022 R2 as their ERP system, even as they expand and evolve.


Ready To Upgrade?


Acumatica 2022 R2 is an excellent upgrade for businesses looking for a cloud ERP solution that is secure, scalable, and user-friendly. With its enhanced security capabilities, improved user experience, and new integrations, Acumatica 2022 R2 provides businesses with a comprehensive ERP system that can help them streamline their operations, improve their bottom line, and grow their business.

If you are ready to migrate to 2022 R2, simply submit a request HERE, and one of our team members will take care of sandbox deployment, user testing, and scheduling your GoLive date.