Each year, Acumatica hosts its Annual Summit in Las Vegas to unveil the first updated release of the new year. This year, we celebrated the Beta release of Acumatica 2024 R1. As expected, the features and advancements reflect the needs and feedback of businesses and users who consider Acumatica essential to their operations. If you missed the Acumatica Summit, you’re in luck! Not only are we summarizing key points in this article, but you can also attend their virtual summit, which includes live streams of the Day 1 and Day 2 keynote sessions. 


Acumatica Summit: A Celebration of Community 


This year’s summit was buzzing with energy, and I’m not just talking about the annual dance party. The presence of a vibrant community of users, developers, and partners, all committed to maximizing the potential of this remarkable software, was palpable. The main halls and meeting rooms buzzed with insightful breakout sessions and conversations, offering rich insights into how Acumatica can be best leveraged across various industries. 


These interactions are crucial in fueling the innovative advancements Acumatica announces each year. The community’s input is integral to Acumatica’s ability to deliver cutting-edge technology precisely when customers need it. The summit highlighted the ‘community-first’ approach through powerful User Group sessions and engaging online community forums, enhancing relationships and product quality. 


Acumatica: Shaping the Business Landscape 


Acumatica’s product line saw numerous improvements, mirroring the forward-thinking approach of its users. The Development team excelled in enhancing user navigation, consolidating essential information onto a single screen and reducing the number of clicks required. 


For Manufacturing Edition Users, new features like parallel operations allow for out-of-sequence or simultaneous reporting. The enhancements in demand planning include distribution management planning, stock kit planning, and non-stock kit planning. 


Kelly Squizzero aptly described Distribution: “Distributors are the unsung heroes. They are the backbone of the supply chain, ensuring seamless delivery of products from production to the consumer.” Distribution enhancements include features like the added allocation consolidated view and streamlining sales order lines. This feature enables users to modify order allocations for optimal customer order outcomes. 

Closing out Summit 2024 

As we reflect on the excitement and innovation showcased at this year’s Acumatica Summit, it’s clear that Acumatica continues to be a trailblazer in ERP solutions. The summit not only reinforced Acumatica’s commitment to its community but also highlighted how this collaboration drives technological advancement and practical solutions for businesses. Looking forward to the future, it’s evident that Acumatica is poised to keep shaping the business landscape with its user-centric approach and continuous improvements. For those who couldn’t attend, the virtual summit offers a glimpse into this dynamic event, ensuring that the insights and advancements shared are accessible to all. We eagerly anticipate what Acumatica has in store for the next year and beyond, as they continue to revolutionize the way businesses operate and thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.