Acumatica 2021 R1 Features

As we embark on a transformative era in tax management, businesses must acclimate to new protocols. Beginning in the tax year 2023, companies with a minimum of 10 information returns will be required to e-file them directly with the IRS. While the 18.6 October release from Microsoft will not offer an integrated E-file feature for GP. 

It’s imperative for GP users to gear up for this digital transition, the time to prepare is now. In this piece, we will unpack strategies GP users can employ for a seamless shift to e-filing and discuss how ICS (Innovative Cloud Solutions) is ready to provide the necessary support to help you achieve a seamless Year-End Close. 


How Electronic Filing Will Impact GP Users 

Microsoft’s recent confirmation regarding the absence of an E-file feature in the 18.6 October release mandates GP users to adapt to e-filing directly with the IRS. Users have the option to employ the IRS’s free online portal, known as the Information Return Intake System (IRIS), or to invest in a third-party electronic 1099 filing solution that is compatible with Dynamics GP. 

It is essential to note that while the IRIS portal is free and open to anyone, it does come with limitations. IRIS imposes a restriction, limiting uploads to 100 returns per .csv file. This limitation can pose a challenge for companies with more than 100 returns, as it necessitates multiple uploads, potentially complicating the e-filing process. 


E-Filing Solutions to investigate 


If you haven’t been staying up to date with recent Dynamics Community blog posts, Terry Heley published a comprehensive article on E-filing back in February. In this article, she highlighted a list of solutions that come highly recommended from various partners in the community: 


1099 Pro 

1099 Etc 


Tax 1099   

eSmart Payroll 

W2 Mate 



Proactive Steps for GP Users 


  • Education: Familiarize yourself with the e-filing process. This will reduce apprehensions and help in smoother transitions. 
  • Select E-filing tool: IRIS or GP Compatible E-file solutions. 
  • Install 1099 SQL View: Microsoft provided a script that can integrate into your GP to view 1099 data in a Smartlist. For those who may find this step challenging, ICS is here to support you through the process.  


Getting Support 


Remember, ICS stands beside you as your dedicated partner. If you are facing challenges with your e-filing process, don’t hesitate to open a support case with us. We’re committed to guiding you towards a successful outcome. 

GP Version Separate 1099-NEC GP Prints Year on the Form Needs Pre-Printed Forms
GP 18.6 Yes Yes No all 1099s can print on blank paper
GP 18.5 Yes Yes 1099-NEC can print on blank paper, rest need pre-printed forms
GP 18.4 Yes No** Yes
GP 18.3 Yes No** Yes
GP 18.2 No** No** Yes
GP 2018 or before No** No** Yes


*Since IRS removed the year on the pre-printed forms, these versions will need to have the report modified to include the year

** ICS does have a workaround. If you need to print both, please contact Support for assistance.