Improving productivity, or having people do more in less time, is greatly boosted by a business application such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Microsoft’s business solutions are geared toward productivity enhancement. From automating manual tasks to allowing more efficient use of data, this solution suite goes beyond standalone ERP and CRM systems to improve productivity in the following ways.

Increasing Availability of Data

Connecting all parts of your business enables people to do more. Real-time shared data provides insights into business processes, customers and sales performance. Equipped with the right data, people in your company can make better decisions. For example, your financial team can monitor sales and expenses in real-time while a close connection between back office processes and CRM can help anticipate demand.

Automating Business Processes

Sales, finance, supply chain and other processes can be automated and adapted using advanced business software. Role-based user experiences typically enhance productivity and support growth. A familiar interface across devices helps improve productivity, as can spending more time managing your business instead of maintaining on-site servers. Dynamics automates the vast majority of manual tasks through its cloud-based business management solution.

Deepening Customer Insights

The more data on customers, the deeper the analysis you can perform on the behaviors and preferences. Your teams can use interactive dashboards to see where to adapt sales activities and change what isn’t working. Information (e.g. buying history or previous communications) can be used to improve the customer experience. Team members can more productively:

  • Target leads
  • Reach out to existing customers with personalized special offers
  • Personalize customer interactions

Dashboards also help reveal new sales/service opportunities. They provide data and insights for sales presentations as well, enabling use of sales best practices to improve productivity.

Encouraging Mobility

Secure access to tools and data, and single sign-on across files, email, business processes and other applications enable greater productivity in and out of the office. Your team can be more productive if key business data and processes are available from anywhere. This lets any authorized user view and act on order status, customer details and product information. They can respond anytime, anywhere or track information, share insights and communicate with team members from wherever they are connected.

Keeping Your Data Centralized and Protected

With access control, authentication and encryption, all data are protected across all devices. Greater security prevents data integrity issues that can wreak havoc on productivity. In addition to structured access to sensitive information, Microsoft cloud solutions such as Dynamics 365 have 99.9% guaranteed uptime, so information can be accessed at virtually any time. Data are also continuously backed up in datacenters around the world, providing redundancy that avoids catastrophic losses and reduced productivity in the face of uncontrollable factors.

Upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Today

Dynamics 365 consolidates processes, so all parts of a business are connected. It provides real-time dashboards, automation and data security as well as mobility, all which contribute to improved productivity in and out of the office. If you’re considering migrating from your legacy CRM and ERP systems, learn more about Business Central software from Microsoft.

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