Physician recruitment is supposed to be like other types of employee recruitment in Human Resources, but it isn’t. Complex and challenging are two words that describe the process—on that involves identifying suitable doctors, vetting them while courting them, and then actually getting to an agreement to hire. Making this work efficiently, and with a high success rate, means working smarter. New factors like social media come into play. Software can make a big difference, as well. We’ve seen this many times in our work with healthcare businesses. With that in mind, here are five things you can do to improve your physician recruitment process.

1) Keep your job descriptions fresh

When prospective physician hires visit your site, do they see job ads from six months ago? That doesn’t look good. Having stale ads, perhaps even for positions that have already been filled, makes your organization seem moribund. It’s a great practice to refresh job listings regularly. You can put a reminder on your calendar to update your listings every month or so.

2) Always analyze your outcomes from previous periods

Chances are, some of the data you need to get better at recruiting physicians is right in front of you, but unseen. Your earlier results, like from last year, can reveal the best channels of communication, the best sources of applicants and more. We recommend analyzing your outcomes from previous periods. This may require the adoption of data analytics tools. We can help. It doesn’t have to be an overly elaborate setup, either. Today’s Business Intelligence (BI) software is designed for the non-technical user.

3) Get social (media)

Doctors are on social media today, more than ever before. Thus, social media platforms can be a powerful recruiting tool. You can use social media to catch the attention of candidates who might not otherwise know about you. However, perhaps even more significantly, social media provides a great way to tell the world (and future physician hires) about your work culture. Indeed, many doctors check out a potential employer’s social pages before even agreeing to an interview. Again, data analytics can help track engagement and enable you to identify the most productive social media outlets that drive recruiting results.

4) Invest in CRM software

Physician recruits are so much like customers that we’ve adapted the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software just for physician recruiting. Using this tool, or other ones like it, you can automate the complete recruitment-to-hire process. The software enables you to take care of writing job descriptions, promoting the position, screening candidates, planning site visits and presenting offers. Throughout, recruiters can reference candidate information in an intuitive, accessible interface. Recruiting managers can see how their recruiters are progressing, tracking results by department, status, recruiter and so forth. Data visualization and reporting capabilities enable managers to allocate costs across opportunities, view outstanding offers and more. The system makes it possible to measure the number of days it takes to fill a position. Integration with BI tools allows for the data analytics previously discussed.

5) Stay current on the competition and compensation

You know you’re competing with other healthcare organizations for medical talent. For this reason, it’s wise to stay abreast of your competitors’ ads. Know what they’re offering and how they’re describing the work. This can help you out-recruit them. On a related front, it’s essential to be completely on top of compensation data in the field. There is a great deal of published information out there on this topic.

Want Better Physician Recruiting Results? Start With a Better Tool

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